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Wu, W., and G. M. McFarquhar, 2016: On the impacts of different definitions of maximum dimension for non-spherical particles recorded by 2D imaging probes. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 33, 1057–1072, doi:10.1175/JTECH-D-15-0177.1.
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Xu, B., P. Xie, M. Xu, L. Jiang, C. Shi, and R. You, 2015: A Validation of Passive Microwave Rain-Rate Retrievals from the Chinese FengYun-3B Satellite. J. Hydrometeor., 16, 1886-1905, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-14-0143.1.
Yamamoto, M. K. and S. Shige, 2015: Implementation of an orographic/nonorographic rainfall classification scheme in the GSMaP algorithm for microwave radiometers. Atmos. Res., 163, 36-47, doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2014.07.024.
Yamamoto, M. K., I. Tanaka, and S. Shige, 2017: Improvement of the rain/no-rain classification method for microwave radiometers over the Tibetan plateau. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett., 14, 626-630, doi:10.1109/LGRS.2017.2666814.
Yamamoto, M. K., S. Shige, C.-K. Yu, and L.-W. Chen, 2017: Further improvement of the heavy orographic rainfall retrievals in the GSMaP algorithm for microwave radiometers. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 56, 2607-2619, doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-16-0332.1.
Yang, J. X., and D. S. McKague, 2016: Improving Collocation-Based Scan-Dependent Intercalibration Over the Ocean for Spaceborne Radiometry. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 13, 589-593, doi:10.1109/LGRS.2016.2528261.
Yashiro, H., K. Terasaki, T. Miyoshi, and H. Tomita, 2016: Performance evaluation of throughput-aware framework for ensemble data assimilation: The case of NICAM-LETKF. Geosci. Model Devel., 9, 2293-2300, doi:10.5194/gmd-9-2293-2016.
Yokoyama, C., Y. N. Takayabu, and T. Horinouchi, 2017: Precipitation Characteristics over East Asia in Early Summer: Effects of the Subtropical Jet and Lower-Tropospheric Convective Instability. J. Climate, 30, 8127–8147, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0724.1.
Yong, B., D. Liu, J. J. Gourley, Y. Tian, G. J. Huffman, L. Ren, and Y. Hong, 2015: Global View Of Real-Time Trmm Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis: Implications For Its Successor Global Precipitation Measurement Mission. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 96, 283-296, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00017.1.
You, Y., C. Peters-Lidard, J. Turk, S. Ringerud, and S. Yang, 2017: Improving Overland Precipitation Retrieval with Brightness Temperature Temporal Variation. J. Hydrometeor., 18, 2355-2383, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-17-0050.1.
You, Y., F. J. Turk, Z. S. Haddad, L. Li, and G. Liu, 2014: Principal Components of Multifrequency Microwave Land Surface Emissivities. Part II: Effects of Previous-Time Precipitation. J. Hydrometeor., 15, 20-37, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-13-07.1.
You, Y., N.-Y. Wang, R. Ferraro, and S. Rudlosky, 2016: Quantifying the Snowfall Detection Performance of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Microwave Imager Channels over Land. J. Hydrometeor., 17, 1101–1117, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-16-0190.1.
Zeng, X., 2018: Modeling the effect of radiation on warm rain initiation. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 123(13), 6896-6906, doi:10.1029/2018JD028354.
Zeng, X., 2018: Radiatively Induced Precipitation Formation in Diamond Dust. J. Adv. Model. Earth Sys., 10(9), 2300-2317, doi:10.1029/2018MS001382.
Zeng, X., G. Skofronick-Jackson, L. Tian, A. E. Emory, W. S. Olson, and R. A. Kroodsma, 2018: Analysis of the Global Microwave Polarization Data of Clouds. J. Climate, 32(1), 3–13, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-18-0293.1.
Zhang, S. Q., T. Matsui, S. Cheung, M. Zupanski, and C. Peters-Lidard, 2017: Impact of Assimilated Precipitation-Sensitive Radiances on the NU-WRF Simulation of the West African Monsoon . Mon. Wea. Rev., 145, 3881-3900, doi:10.1175/MWR-D-16-0389.1.
Zhou, Y., and W. K. M. Lau, 2017: The relationship between the trends of mean and extreme precipitation. Int'l J. Climatology, 37, 3883-3894, doi:10.1002/joc.4692.
Zhou, Y., D. Wu, and W. K. M. Lau, 2016: Scale-dependence of land-atmosphere interactions in wet and dry regions as simulated by NUWRF over the Southwestern and South Central US. J. Hydromet., 17, 2121-2136, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-16-0024.1.